Copyright 2012 Abakox Solutions Inc. Congratulations! Read Me First This is a short tutorial to get you started. Your web hosting account is now active. This is a temporary page automatically created for your account, it is named default.html and you will find it in your root folder (public_html or www folder). To get started on building your site, simply follow the following steps 1) Check your e-mail (if you haven’t done so already) You should be sent an e-mail with details to access your Hosting Control Panel (cPanel) and to upload your files through FTP. This e-mail also contains the username and password you need. 2) Access your Hosting Control Panel (cPanel) Log in to cPanel ( and take the Get Started Wizard. It’ll help you setup e-mails and subdomains. You can also access the Website Builder (RVSiteBuilder), instant Web App Installer (Softaculous), manage database and access logs in cPanel. 3) Activate your Domain Name If you ordered a new domain name with your web hosting, it’ll take 24 to 48 hours to start working. This process is called propagation. You can also transfer your domain name to us or simply point the name servers to our servers. In either case, the propagation time is the same. Refer to the Knowledgebase for instructions on how to transfer or point your domain name to us. 4) Build your Site! You can use our Website Builder or Web App Installer or construct it from scratch on your computer then uploading to our server through FTP. The choice is yours. If you are new to building a site, we recommend checking out Wordpress. It is a versatile free blogging and site building software that’s easy to install from our Web App Installer, Softaculous. Need help? Click on the arrow below to find Help & Support: